someting happened today that has me fuming..and it got me thinking, why do we blame the victim

somebody could be taunting you so try to ask them and just try to have a conversation and they do not budge and keep that archaic grin on they faces. you get fed up and you just FIRE on them verbally or physically and now all the sudden YOUin the wrong.


the other party mocking you that whole entire time? gets off scott free. then they got the nerve to siphon crocodile tears out they eyes and run to they mommy sobbing about how somebody was mean to them, conveniently leaving out that they were the ones who were being mean to you

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

they go after you when all you did was retaliate. are you just supposed to sit there and not defend yourself? let your confidence hit rock bottom? let people laugh in you face? let them treat you like a joke? let them walk all over you? i thought you were supposed stand up for yourself? so why does everybody get mad at you when you stand up for yourself?