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GIRL. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. i am DONE with these pseudo intellectual crackers writing off shit soley because it does not apply to them. like, if you do not sit your marble column, casper the friendly ghost, pillsbury dough boy looking asses down! for real, any piece of media that is not specifically geared towards them is automatically "trash" or "cringey" and i am tired. of. it!

the best part about it is that when somebody who is not like them wants to be represented or have media geared towards them, they "complaining". they are "not grateful". "whiny". "welcome to the real world".

but get this: in the real world, not everyone is white.

in fact, in the REAL world, white people are a relatively small population when you compare the amount of other races! you really played yourself with that whole "get over it mess" when if you dont see yourself you do the exact same thing! and before you pull that "if we cant do that then why can they?" mess: you dominate media. there will never be a day where you turn on the tv or go on the internet and not be able to easily find another white person who looks and acts exactly like you. even when you feel lonely at the lunch table with your soggy as peanut butter and jelly sandwich, know this: you will always be represented. 

when you watch a tv show most likely the white characters will have diverse personalities but the non white characters, most often black characters, will be a negative stereotype played for laughs. emphasis on negative. if not, they the only character of their race to play a part in the show. for instance

1. mean and sassy black girl who constantly gets into physical fights

2. loud curvy and "unfeminine" black woman

3. violent criminal (thug) black man (can be teenaged or a child)

4. the one token black friend in the group that gets no attention in the story and is completely irrelevant to the narrative

5. docile quiet submissive asain girl

6. emasculated nerdy asain guy with narrow eyes

7. the asain, indian, hispanic, native american, arab, african, etc (ANYONE NOT FROM A WESTERN COUNTRY WHO IS OBVIOUSLY NOT WHITE) with the "funny" accent and broken english (mostly depicted as unintelligent for not knowing english)

8. the hairy and therefore "ugly" indian woman

9. lazy thievish hispanic man

10. curvy and fiesty latina woman

11. stoic native american with broken english wearing a feather dress

12.  radical arab muslim who wants to commit a terrorist act

13. submissive quiet hijabi who is silently oppressed and helpless

and MUCH more! 

all of these are harmful because people will apply these to real humans with diverse personalities and appearances and assume all the people in that group are like that which leads to fetishization, hate, fear and even violence towards that group! you may say its just a joke but that joke will bury deep into people's subconscious (including yours) and influence your actions and opinion to those people, for real.