me when i went off in a skype coversation

BOY let me tell you i am done wit these pseudo intellectual crackers judging shit because it solely does not appeal to them whitey if you do not sit your thin lipped ass down i swear to god bruh i'll zip your god damn ziplock ass mouth the fuck up witcho bony ass. for real any piece of media that aint specifically written and geared towards they self declared intelligence is automatically trash nigga if you do not Sit The Fuck Down not everything is for you im sorry! you act like you the smartest man to ever live but you makin a fool and an ass out of yourself but you aint even having a good time doing it

people for real try so hard and think people don't notice. theyll act high and mighty and think they slick and smart but nigga you the one whos in they 20s pandering to a primarily 9th grade and 21 year old who never went to college audience bruh who the real cringey one here?

they like coons. they will mock the shit out of you and your entire family and people and praise the ones who betray they own. i never understand niggas who go out of they way to lick the assholes of white people who do not and never will give a shit out them besides the views so they can get some coint and buy themselves a new hottub and new camera so they can waste they time impressing 14 year olds in high definition

for real if you gonna be an ass at least enjoy shit instead of polluting the air with all you unwanted negativity nigga go to therapy get a goddamn job. why you acting so annoyed when someone else enjoying themselves? the fuck is wrong with you?

and they for real insert the most headass opinions when for real no one asked and no one cares like straight up no one gives a fuck you white devil.

straight up no one gives a fuck if you roll your eyes or scoff when niggas point out racism niggas for real fuckin dying. priorities. ya'll get so bent out of shape over bullshit like youtube policies but get all pissy as soon as important shit that does not affect you. get the fuck off you high horse and get youself an icecream cone and shut the fuck up