aye what the buck is up everypony

the title gave me depression 

it's for real been bout 200,000 years since i been on here for real 11 months but yo listen i'm here to vent. i'm a black person and i'm tired as hell i been tired of white people since july bruh i'm Fed Up



i'm For Real In Real Life tired of white people but i'm also tired of my own goddamn people i for real don't know what to do. i don't hate white people they can be cool i'm just....tired of them. i just want a break for a month at least like damn....

i just cope with ignorin my feelings now. i know what i'm feeling and shit actually i just try to stay preoccupied with stupid shit so i don't have the time to sit and think about shit like racism.  it takes all my energy and sends ungodly as rage through my veins and distracts me from actually enjoying life and my blackness cause being black is cool. idk. i been venting to my best friend over skype but they white so i feel guilty for saying the shit i do but damn! i ain't responsible for that fact white people been playing me!

and YO can i talk about white people invading black safe spaces


like shit we Can Not have anything for ourselves they always gotta insert theyselves in the equation. everything is not about them. they call us oversensitive but if they see no white people in any form of media they call racism and feel uncomfortable like ": ) i love your art but why do you hate white people? we didn't do anything to you! i'm sorry i just feel uncomfortable because you said no whites : (" FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT GUILT TRIP SHIT. STRAIGHT UP NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ASHLEY.  get the fuck out of here change the fucking channel your boring as race is fucking everywhere get the fuck over yourself.

aight i'm gettin mad again but SHIT...i mean....

the conclusion: white people are goofy as hell