im deadass

frustrated as hell. with tumblr i mean.


do i need to become a demisexual transgender gay hetero otherkin to get a halfway decent following Because. i think its cause i dont post a lot or make personal text posts. about the gender thing. i still dont get the otherkin thing. its just a dam fantasy. i can see why peope want to be animals or whatever i mean i wanted to be a furyr when i waskid but to see teenagers and some adults take it this seriously i. want to laugh and cry out of embarrasment . its ike the tumblr version of the waifu movement. its very embarassing and cringewothy . its just so hard for me to take seriously lmao. ah. i had to let that loose somewhere and ifeel bettr.its not my position to get angry or annoyed at what people wanna do. should it matter to me? Lol nah. im sorry for this post man. aight im prolly gonna slepnow bye