yo i'm so fucking tired i dont feel good. everyone is being so idiotic i cant handleit. i dont really feel like my friend even likesme anymore.


uuh its like 6:50 AM. no one is up. im the only one. im hungry and bored and shit..im watching vinesauce and vsauce and michelle phan and man vs pin and matthew santoro and danger dolan and all that shit but even that gets tiring....how i dont know...but it does. they are notboring its just my ass watching every single video/stream of theirs aht i over use it. 


my favorite shows are modern family, atla, the old spongebob, victorious, the amazing world of gumball, martin, in living color, the golden girls, the fresh prince, and so much more i cant even remember? i cant watch them on the spot so i gotta be quick and catch them while theyre on which is never.


pudge fucking moved out of my village on acnl. at least i still have shep. he's my favorite. hopefully a bird villager replaces pudge like amelia or that on pink ostrich? flamingo? i forgot her name but she was in my first village ever and she held a special place in my cold (kevin) hart. i have a swaggy dragons mask.OH FUCK I FORGOT THAT TODAYS MIRA'S BIRTHDAY. she screamed FLOCKA at me when i gave her some emerald for her birthday present. Thanks.my town has so many weeds in it. God Of Mari(juana).


you see im the type of mayor that shows up at 4 AM after a night of binge drinking but is still sober enough to calm my villagers into a peaceful sleep. except when they dont donate any money to my public work projects. then we have a problem. pekoe's moving in. Good Shit.


WEL. thats it. bye