its like... 11:07 PM today and man im tired. i literally almost shat myself a consecutive 24 ttimes. why, you may ask. well lemme put your qualms to rest.


we had over a dozen tornadoes all the way from 1 PM all the way to now. so many tornadoes man....and. plus. its flooding and everything. BUT we live on a hill so we're kinda safer but not really. im so tired but a tornado watch is on from now until 2 AM on thursday. its wdnesay so its only a day but fuck........ all of this is going to happen until next monday but next week's wednesday severe weathers gonna pop up again. idk how im going to handle this im already so fucking drained and we didnt even get hit. this sucks so much man.. im so trid im going to bed. i'll update tomorrow if we dont get hit. night