im charlie and im starting this update blog for fun. i won't update everyday bcause im too lazy.



i have a fckn cold today and its killing me. summer colds  suck because you can't do anything. i don' actualy do anything during summer but you get my point. i was supposed to go to the zoo today (fck ya) but is obvious why i havent gone there. 



its about like 12 pm right now and IM SO BORED. wanna kno how i cure it? staring at hella (what the fuck) hot men and boogying down to music thats how.


listen to this right now. anyone who doesnt love her IS LYING.


update: i lied her music is shit sorry guys /end update



my nose hurts so bad from these tissues but i can't help it mom recommended i put vasseline on there so it won't hurt but i'm too lazy and im even sure where the fuck the vasseline is in the first place.


ok about the hottie tot guys you NEED to look at this guy holy fucking shit http://instagram.com/omarborkan . jus copy that link and look at him. holy fucking shit is right. 


i'm pretyt boring but its okay right


literal proof im trash. i cant believe im using japanese memes.


i want longer hair. my hair actually grows pretty quick but i have split ends so its breaking of at the same rate its growing. damn.



how do birds even work tho is my question. they cna ltierally break their neck and they'll be ok but if you squeeze them too hard they jus kinda poof nd die the fuck is up with that.

f:id:winklebutt:20140625021816p:plainlook at these fucking idiots. i want 20.




what up with the bear honey bottles tho. i bet they're planning to strike us in our sleep. be afraid. no seriously. why bears in the first place tho? why not bees. i've never heard of a real bear ever eating honey in my life tho.



i have a literal mountain of tissues on the table. gross. thats my snot. all mine. fear me



this was pretty fucking boring if i do say so myself. until next time, good bye