i feel like im

becoming less and less important to literally my only friend. i need someone to vent to but it feels like shes ignoring me. like im getting left in the dust.


ive been feeling like shit ever since school started again. i have never been this stressed and sad in my entire life and i cant even vent. and then of course i got a cold and now its painful to even breathe. so now im in pain and im stressed and sick and i cant vent and i feels like all my friends are leaving. and then i try to tell my mom and shes like "well that sucks but stop overreacting :/'.  and im


literally contemplating killing myself which is great i mean. i have never feltthis. upset in my entire life.  im sorry

im deadass

frustrated as hell. with tumblr i mean.


do i need to become a demisexual transgender gay hetero otherkin to get a halfway decent following Because. i think its cause i dont post a lot or make personal text posts. about the gender thing. i still dont get the otherkin thing. its just a dam fantasy. i can see why peope want to be animals or whatever i mean i wanted to be a furyr when i waskid but to see teenagers and some adults take it this seriously i. want to laugh and cry out of embarrasment . its ike the tumblr version of the waifu movement. its very embarassing and cringewothy . its just so hard for me to take seriously lmao. ah. i had to let that loose somewhere and ifeel bettr.its not my position to get angry or annoyed at what people wanna do. should it matter to me? Lol nah. im sorry for this post man. aight im prolly gonna slepnow bye




yo i'm so fucking tired i dont feel good. everyone is being so idiotic i cant handleit. i dont really feel like my friend even likesme anymore.


uuh its like 6:50 AM. no one is up. im the only one. im hungry and bored and shit..im watching vinesauce and vsauce and michelle phan and man vs pin and matthew santoro and danger dolan and all that shit but even that gets tiring....how i dont know...but it does. they are notboring its just my ass watching every single video/stream of theirs aht i over use it. 


my favorite shows are modern family, atla, the old spongebob, victorious, the amazing world of gumball, martin, in living color, the golden girls, the fresh prince, and so much more i cant even remember? i cant watch them on the spot so i gotta be quick and catch them while theyre on which is never.


pudge fucking moved out of my village on acnl. at least i still have shep. he's my favorite. hopefully a bird villager replaces pudge like amelia or that on pink ostrich? flamingo? i forgot her name but she was in my first village ever and she held a special place in my cold (kevin) hart. i have a swaggy dragons mask.OH FUCK I FORGOT THAT TODAYS MIRA'S BIRTHDAY. she screamed FLOCKA at me when i gave her some emerald for her birthday present. Thanks.my town has so many weeds in it. God Of Mari(juana).


you see im the type of mayor that shows up at 4 AM after a night of binge drinking but is still sober enough to calm my villagers into a peaceful sleep. except when they dont donate any money to my public work projects. then we have a problem. pekoe's moving in. Good Shit.


WEL. thats it. bye




hey to anyone whos reading this. the storms are over and im ok. thats all i have to say im tired Fuck



its like... 11:07 PM today and man im tired. i literally almost shat myself a consecutive 24 ttimes. why, you may ask. well lemme put your qualms to rest.


we had over a dozen tornadoes all the way from 1 PM all the way to now. so many tornadoes man....and. plus. its flooding and everything. BUT we live on a hill so we're kinda safer but not really. im so tired but a tornado watch is on from now until 2 AM on thursday. its wdnesay so its only a day but fuck........ all of this is going to happen until next monday but next week's wednesday severe weathers gonna pop up again. idk how im going to handle this im already so fucking drained and we didnt even get hit. this sucks so much man.. im so trid im going to bed. i'll update tomorrow if we dont get hit. night


HELO im back. i havent made an entry in forever Holy SHit. lets get started


i want the sims 4 so bad. i heard the game is not bad but its not good either idk. i want to play it because i made some Hot sims


there was some bad art here



im so childish and sensitive i hate it. Im so gross...


im going to make a longer entry l8r im so tired its like 12:07 and tomorrows thursday which floods u with work NITE